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Business Spotlight, Mardi Gras Edition: Twins Burgers & Sweets

Who has the best king cake in town? Our Keaty Team put every local king cake to the test, and today we interview the winner, while you giving a glimpse into everything they offer.

Hey, guys! Jim Keaty here with Keaty Real Estate, and it’s Mardi Gras season. We are here at Twins Bakery with Billy and Denny, the two twins.

You might not know that last year we did a blind-taste King Cake competition, and Twins Bakery was the number one winner, by far, in our office. So, we thought it would be cool for you guys to come check out what Twin’s has going on this year.

Denny: “We starting making the king cakes in January and it builds up so by Mardi Gras we are non-stop. It’s a good time of the year.”

Jim: “Who is the genius behind the boudin king cake?”

Billy: “The guy’s name is Bob. He’s kind of the inventor of it so we give him a lot of credit because it was a big hit. Bob can eat here whenever he wants, as many times as he wants. Denny made it happen with the making of the boudin king cake.”

Jim: “Well I’ve got a couple of ideas if I can eat here for free and make some deal happen!” [laughter]

“These are the hardest working guys in Lafayette! They are at, like what… 3:30 in the morning?”

Denny: “Sometimes, yeah, sometimes around 4:00am.”

Jim: “You are not just selling king cakes. You’re selling burgers and pastries.”

Billy: “We have a variety of things to eat – salads, grilled cheese sandwiches. We keep the burgers going obviously year round, but we are always working to improve them. Denny works hard on trying to get the recipe perfect. Our job is to give the customer the best quality we can give them, and then everything else follows through from there.”

I’m Jim Keaty with Keaty Real Estate here at Twins. Check them out at both locations – one in Youngsville and one in Lafayette on the corner of South College and Johnston.

Thanks for watching!

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