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Embrace Comfort and Quality with D.R. Horton Homes at Keaty Real Estate


When it comes to finding the perfect home, comfort and quality are non-negotiables. Keaty Real Estate understands this sentiment and proudly presents a selection of D.R. Horton homes that redefine the standards of modern living. Say goodbye to uncomfortable spaces and welcome a new era of coziness and convenience.

Unparalleled Quality

D.R. Horton homes have always been a step ahead in terms of quality and comfort. Designed to meet the highest engineering standards, these homes are equipped with top-notch HVAC systems, guaranteeing a comfortable living environment regardless of the season. No more compromising on your comfort.

During attic inspections, one can truly appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every D.R. Horton home. The carrier age fax system ensures a neat and organized setup, eliminating the risk of potential mold growth that plagues many homes in the region.

Sealed for Efficiency

In South Louisiana, proper sealing is crucial to combat air loss and ensure an energy-efficient home. Many homes fall short in this regard, leading to negative pressure issues that can cause doors to slam shut unexpectedly. D.R. Horton homes, on the other hand, have taken extra steps to address this concern.

Fresh air return fans pull in exterior air and deliver it precisely where it’s needed. This innovative system reduces negative pressure, allowing for a more controlled and comfortable indoor environment. No more drafts or sudden gusts of air disrupting your peaceful abode.

Added Value, Exceptional Benefits

When you choose to buy a D.R. Horton home through a Keaty Real Estate team member, you’re not only securing a quality residence but also gaining access to an array of additional benefits. Our exclusive D.R. Horton Buyer Bonus Program offers over $10,000 in value, including closing cost assistance and the use of a moving trailer for life. We’ll even cover your deposit with an acceptable offer.

Furthermore, our Love it or Leave it Program assures you of our confidence in the quality of these homes. If, within the first 12 months, you find yourself unsatisfied, we’ll come back and sell it for free. That’s our commitment to your absolute satisfaction.

Explore Your Options

Keaty Real Estate invites you to explore the world of D.R. Horton homes, where comfort, quality, and value converge. Visit our D.R. Horton Buyer Bonus Program page to learn more about the exceptional benefits that come with investing in a D.R. Horton property through us.

Don’t settle for less. Choose comfort, choose quality, choose Keaty Real Estate.

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