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Envision More for STM

Updated: Jan 30

St. Thomas More Capital Campaign

Shane Savoie, STM Coach: “I’d say the purpose of Envision More is to provide a first class opportunity and a first-class environment for the future of Saint Thomas More Catholic High School students. “

Lance Strother, STM Campus Ministry Director: “Envision More is an unbelievable opportunity for our generation to give back the way that earlier generations gave, which created opportunity for us.”

Belinda Edwards, STM Librarian: “If you’ve never been back here since you graduated and you came back, you would just be amazed at what goes on here everyday. But we need more space for everything to happen.”

Lola Champagne, STM Science: “Imagine what we could present if we had a stage, if we had an athletic department that actually had room for all sports to participate in, a place to have peace going to the Chapel to maybe collect yourself, maybe to practice your faith, or maybe even to learn your faith. It would be wonderful to have all the new things that are on that agenda.”

Lance Strother, STM Campus Ministry Director: “We have an opportunity to create for our future kids and grandkids the very best school in Acadiana.”

Layne Courville, STM Student: “I think Envision More will enhance everything we do here.

Lindsay Barrilleux, STM Student: “I believe Envision More will help me and my colleagues because I am very into sports – I do cheerleading and track – and being a part of both of those I understand the struggle of not having enough space.”

Kristen Brown, STM Counselor: “So when we’ve got morning mass or morning prayer, even though there is a sign in the hallway that tells everybody that we’ve got something going on in the chapel, it’s still going to bring the noise of a hectic, busy school morning.”

Mary Claire Ardoin, STM Student: “When I think about that, it makes me happy. I feel that God is inside here, in the Chapel.”

Ashley Noto, STM Mathematics: “We don’t really have a building or a working place where art students and our drama and speech students have a central place where they can come together to show off and display all of their talent.”

Shane Savoie, STM Coach: “The school is double the size it was when I went to school here. The new athletic facility will give us a larger weight room where we can all workout at the same time and give more accessibility to the weight room for all sports and for all students.”

Jim Keaty, Keaty Real Estate: “We’re the custodians of these young children and we have the opportunity now to carry that forward for years to come and give them the opportunity that they might not have at this time.”

Thirty Five years ago, the Saint Thomas More founders had a vision. Please consider helping us to carry it on as we Envision More!

St. Thomas More Catholic High is launching a $12 million capital campaign with a series of events designed to involve students.

Based on the school’s strategic plan and a comprehensive feasibility study, the Envision More Capital Campaign is seeking gifts and contributions for an academic building, a creative arts and community center, an athletic/fitness center and a chapel.

“With our mission at the center of all of our student activities, the purpose of this capital campaign is to provide an environment for each student to excel academically, spiritually, physically and artistically,” said STM Principal Kelley Leger.

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