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FOR SALE: 104 Dairy Lane

Updated: Jun 28

Hi, I’m Ron Gaubert with Keaty Real Estate. We’re having a beautiful day in Acadiana. I’d like to tell you about one of our new listings.

We have a 5,500 square foot office building here and a 5,500 square foot warehouse building. Sits on one acre. It has 35 parking places. Come walk with me. I want to show you this amazing building.

104 Dairy Lane

You can see that we have a very, very nice reception area here. The walls are all freshly painted. The building is only a couple of years old, so it’s like brand new.

This office right here is just one example of the many offices located in this building. As you can see, it’s very, very well appointed, and anyone would be happy to work in an environment like this. It’s beautiful. I love it.

We are in the cubicle office area right here. As you can see, we have five separate offices here, but we also have a cubicle area that’s separated by these dividers, and you can put more people in one space. Very, very efficient.

This is one of the larger offices located in this building. As you see, it has a seating area so your clients can comfortably sit here and converse casually about business. This office is very well appointed, just as well as the other offices that are well appointed in this building. This office right here is the boss man’s office.

You’re looking at one of the larger conference rooms here. As you can see, it will accommodate at least 8 to 10 people. Has everything hooked up for a very, very large TV. There’s also a smaller conference room located in this building for smaller conferences.

104 Dairy Lane

This room right here, I call it the team room. This is where it happens. All the people that work here get together, they come up with their ideas and so on. And this is where success happens. When you have synergy of different people coming up with different ideas, this is it. You can’t get better than this.

Offices would not be complete without a good break room, and this one is one of the prettiest ones that I’ve seen recently. Here, we have stainless steel refrigerator. We’ve got granite counter tops. We have a stove. We have a nice coffee bar right here. I know the employees come in here and they drank their coffee and say, “You know, this is a good place to start my day.”

Behind me, you can see that we have our data room here. It’s all hooked up with all the ethernet cables necessary to run your business. It’s very, very efficiently put together. It’s not the prettiest room here, but it’s the one that makes your business work.

This office contains four restrooms that are ADA compliant. This is a necessary thing when you build offices. If you built an older building, for example, you would have to modify each restroom. This building is only two years old. All of these are beautiful on the inside just like the rest of this building.

104 Dairy Lane

Now that we’ve seen many aspects of the office, let’s go take a look at the warehouse. As you can see, this building right now is being used as a cabinet shop but could be used for multiple uses. It has fans up here, right here, to go ahead and draw the heat out.

This building has three roll up doors that are 15 foot wide and about 12 feet tall. So plenty of room to go ahead and move your machinery around in and out of this building.

One thing that’s important in a warehouse is to have plenty of power. As you can see, here is the panel. We’ve got plenty of power in this building.

Also has an office area, a small conference room, and a break area with ADA bathrooms.

Now that we’ve seen the two 5,500 square foot buildings, 5,500 square foot office, 5,500 square foot warehouse located at 102 Dairy Lane in Garber Industrial Park located in Broussard.

104 Dairy Lane

I invite you to contact me, Ron Gaubert, over at Keaty Real Estate.

And my phone number is 337.280.2550.

I thank you for watching.


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