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Hurricane Preparedness

How to Prepare for Hurricanes

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Top 10 Hurricane Preparation Tips

1. Make sure you have bottled water for days, milk or other nonperishable drinks, canned food that doesn’t need to be heated usually lasts the longest.

2. Get your hurricane evacuation plan ready – know where you will go and how you will get everyone there.

3. Set a hurricane date with your family and friends – whether it be through text, Facebook or phone call, setting a hurricane date is a great way to know when all of you will need to start hurricane preparation.

4. Review the hurricane evacuation route from your home to your hurricane evacuation shelter at least once a year.

5. Have a hurricane survival kit ready to go – this should include, but is not limited to: flashlights, batteries, lanterns or candles with matches or a lighter in a waterproof container, hurricane radio that includes batteries and a NOAA weather band radio in case your hurricane shelters have no power.

6. Keep important documents together and hurricane proof them – keep all of your important documents in one hurricane proof safe or file box.

7. Gather any needed medications and keep a week supply on hand at hurricane preparedness time, you may need to evacuate and will want these with you already.

8. Inspect your roof and hurricane tie it down if necessary – hurricane winds can be very strong and if your hurricane is not hurricane proof, it could damage your home or worse, come off completely during hurricane season.

9. Make hurricane shutters or hurricane panels if you live in a hurricane prone area – these are strong enough to leave up all year round even with hurricane force winds.

10. Make a hurricane food supply that will last a few days to a week – canned goods work best, but cut off all power before hurricane season starts and make sure you have enough water to at least drink.

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