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Keaty Kribs- River Ranch Style

Welcome to River Ranch, the most prestigious community in all of Acadiana. Hi, I’m Ethan Broussard, and this is Keaty Kribs.



Today I’m gonna take you on a personal tour of 404 Princeton Woods Loop, a custom built home only three years old. It’s one of the crown jewels in the area.

Not only does the exterior of this house blow you away with its custom features, like its sacked brick to give it that medieval castle feel, wait until you get to the inside of the home. The inside is gonna blow you away. Come take a look.

Across from the living room you have your staircase going upstairs to some bedrooms. We’ll get to those in a bit. The formal dining room, great for entertaining large families, great sunlight coming in. And what I like about it, it leads you right into the wine bar and the fantastic kitchen.

This is one of the favorite spots in the whole house for me, the kitchen. It’s a fantastic layout. It’s got elevated ceilings with wooden beams, leather granite countertops, a six burner gas stove, custom backsplash, everything you need for a custom kitchen and a great home.

As you exit the kitchen area and you head down the hallway, there’s a great office space. It’s currently being used as an art studio. Kevin.


Kevin Jones with GMFS mortgage.

Hey everybody, how are y’all? How are you?

I’m good. We’re showing off this fantastic house. I see you’re in the art studio taking a look at stuff. I mean, what do you think so far?

Obviously the current owners really had that artistic flair, but the best part is they get all that natural light coming in.

So Kevin, talking about loans, if somebody wants to buy his house, where does the loan process start for something like this?

So as anything, the loan process starts with you getting the client coming in, y’all getting a contract, and starting that negotiation piece, right?


The best part about this though is a lot of times people don’t think that there are loans out there for this large dollar amount. The ironic part is the name of these loans are jumbo loans because it’s a large dollar amount. And this is where you call your professional. You call me. I put those numbers together for you so we can look at it together and figure out what’s best and what’s most comfortable for the buyer for this house.

Fantastic. Well, look, Kevin, I appreciate you talking to us real quick. And look, go look at the rest of this house, but go hang out by the pool.

I gotta go by the pool.

You gotta go by the pool.

It’s just the best spot.


Thanks, Ethan. Appreciate it, man.

No problem. See you later, Kevin.

See you.

Let me show you guys what else this house has to offer on the first floor. As you head down the hallway, there’s a huge laundry area with tons of space and its own sink.

Just past the laundry room, we have a guest bedroom. This thing is huge. It’s bigger than most of the master bedrooms I see on a daily basis. Come take a look.

Welcome to the master suite. This is the most luxurious room in the whole house. Plenty of space for large furniture items, if you so choose, and a huge bed, as big as you want. It also has a huge window looking over the pool and the outdoor area.

When people come to River Ranch looking for houses, they’re looking for uniqueness, something they’ve never seen before. And this master bathroom offers just that. It has a split floor plan, a complete his and hers. The side we’re in now can be for the Mrs., extra large countertops, mirrors, vanity. This side of the master bath also has a large soaker tub and a full walk-in master closet.

If you thought the rest of the bathroom was amazing, wait until you walk through this, the full walk-in shower that we like to call the carwash. Why? Multiple shower heads, even one up top, custom tile finishes from floor all the way to ceiling. This is the highlight of the master bath.

As you leave the carwash, you have another side of the bathroom, custom countertops on top of this vanity, another private toilet hidden here, and another master closet.

Now that I’ve shown you almost everything downstairs, I wanna take you upstairs. This beautiful custom spiral staircase takes you upstairs to three beds and two full baths. As we come upstairs to the second floor landing, there’s a great spot for a potential reading area. You can have some chairs here and a bookshelf. And there’s tons of natural light coming in from a huge window.

Before I show you guys the two bedrooms that have bathrooms attached, I wanna show you this large bedroom upstairs that’s currently being used as a game room.

Oh, hey. Brandon Bradley, Bradley Moreau Title.

Hey Ethan, what’s going on, man?

Nothing much, man. You’re hanging out in the game room? You found a nice spot to make yourself at home?

Dude, this is a big boy house.

Yeah, for sure. Listen, title companies, not a lot of people are familiar with what you guys do. If we get this bad boy under contract, where does Bradley Moreau Title come into play?

Well, once y’all get it under contract, which I think will be soon, ’cause this house is beautiful, you would send us the purchase agreement and we would open up a new file and look at title for the last 30 or 40 years to make sure that the owners are the rightful owners of the property, and that they don’t have any mortgages, judgments, or liens out there. And I’m happy to tell you that we actually touched this property back in 2002 when it was a vacant lot. So we have a history with it.

It looks a whole lot different now, right?


So it’s your job to make sure that the buyers of this house and any other properties, they’re getting a clean bill of sale.

Absolutely. So the day that they buy it, they become a seller and they can sell it if they want to.

Absolutely. Well, look, thanks for stopping by. We appreciate it, Bradley Moreau Title. Make sure to check out the rest of this house while you’re here.

I will. I got some milk in the fridge.

Sounds good.

As you come around the side of the house, there’s a long private driveway that leads to the back, where there’s this huge three car garage, room for your two personal vehicles and a golf cart, or another toy to stroll around the neighborhood.

Hey, Brian with Preferred Inspections. Brian, how’s it going, man?

Good, Ethan. How about you?

Good. What are you up to in there?

I was checking out the attic space, checking the insulation, the mechanical systems, the AC, the heat, the hot water heater, those kind of things.

All that jazz. Look, this house is, I mean, almost brand new. It passes the eye test. Why would a buyer even need an inspection here?

So regardless of the age of the house or the size or the location, it’s good to have an inspection done because even during the building process, things might need to be tightened up. There’s always maintenance.

And if people are looking to get you on their house, their new house or the house they’re selling, if they’re working with me, how do we get in touch with you?

Oh, it’s very simple. Usually your agent will contact us directly, but you can call me. I’m Brian Burge with Preferred Inspections, licensed home inspector, number 10834.

Fantastic. And what do you think about this fantastic home? Just your thoughts.

Oh, it’s a great home, well-built, great location. Real nice house.

Absolutely. Thanks, Brian. I appreciate you being here for this inspection.

Thank you.

All right.

I’ve saved one of the best spaces for last. This outdoor living/kitchen/entertainment area is fantastic for hosting parties. Plenty of seating space, surround sound, television, heated pool, a full cooking kitchen area, the fantastic outdoor space is incredible.

Thanks for taking the tour of 404 Princeton Woods Loop with me on this latest episode of Keaty Kribs. Again, my name is Ethan. If you want a private showing of this amazing house or if you have any questions at all about it, give me a call.

I’m Ethan Broussard with Keaty Real Estate.

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