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Keaty Real Estate Quarterly Meeting: Unveiling New Tools and Features

On April 6th, 2023, the Keaty Real Estate company held its quarterly meeting at the offices of the Realtor Association of Acadiana. The meeting brought together the entire Keaty Real Estate company, its staff, and its agents to discuss the real estate market in Lafayette and unveil new tools and features.

Jim Keaty, the broker of Keaty Real Estate, kicked off the meeting by delivering the Market Update. He presented all the important data and insights to help agents and their clients understand the current real estate market “climate” and informed them on how to handle expectations. This update was a great help to all agents in navigating their way through the current market situation.

Tom Rosario, the marketing lead of Keaty Real Estate, delivered the Media Recap. He showcased how the Keaty Real Estate brand is growing in the digital landscape and how it has been able to attract more clients online. He also delivered training on how to use ChatGPT, an AI-based marketing tool, to better service marketing efforts in 2023.

The Keaty staff also delivered new marketing tools known as Smart Systems, which include emails, personalized letters, door hangers, magazines, that cover all facets of Real Estate. These tools were designed to help agents in generating leads and keeping their clients updated with the latest market trends.

The meeting also saw the unveiling of new Listing Packages, which are designed to help sellers in closing their homes faster and for more money. The big reveal, however, was the new Keaty Blog, a fully-fledged website that is customizable for every agent. The blog is designed to increase their authority, trust, and SEO online for higher discoverability.

This meeting was sponsored by Ben Leblanc of Pemberton Mortgage. Ben and his team provided a delicious lunch and some great information about the market when it comes to Mortgage lending for Keaty Real Estate’s clients.

After the meeting, the company celebrated with a crawfish boil where they got together to eat, play games, and have some fun to celebrate the end of the quarter. It has been a hard time in the real estate market, but Keaty Real Estate has held strong, hit its target goals, and is looking towards the future with great optimism.

Overall, the Keaty Real Estate quarterly meeting was a great success, unveiling new tools and features that are designed to help agents and clients alike navigate the current market situation. With the new Listing Packages and Keaty Blog, Keaty Real Estate is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the future.

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