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Keaty Real Estate’s 2021 Mid-Year Quarterly Meeting | The Keaty Vlog

At Keaty Real Estate we are proud of the culture we have created!

From all of our resources down to our incredible staff, we are always striving to create an environment that supports an individual’s business and personal growth.

Our 2021 Mid-Year Quarterly meeting was one geared towards “OPTIMIZATION”.

Bringing MarketScope Consulting’s Bill Bacque, The W Group’s Trey Willard, Media Engage LLC.’s Tom Rosario along with the entire Keaty Real Estate team together for a day focused on how we can make our businesses stronger.

It was an event to remember!

Special thanks to Kevin Jones for keeping the entire team going with your food sponsorship. Thank to Travis McGrews for the great after-party, and to the The Grouse Room for being such gracious hosts!

Thank you to the entire Keaty Real Estate team for showing up and engaging with us!

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