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Live. Play. Repeat. | Buchanan Lofts | Downtown Lafayette

There is no other place like Downtown Lafayette, and The Buchanan Lofts puts you at the center of it all. This segment is Downtown Inspired, made by those that live and thrive in the heart of Lafayette.

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By: Tom Rosario

Waking up in the morning was never easy. 

The sound of the alarm, was never pleasant. 

But I would get up every day, and I got ready to face whatever was waiting for me. 

I made the effort, and I sought inspiration from wherever I could find it.  

But these days,  inspirations seems to be coming at me…just a little bit easier.

You see, I found out the hard way, that where you live, where you work, and where you play, does makes all the difference. 

Starting with where I get my coffee every morning.

To simply walking into to my office building everyday, like I own the damn place. 

Surrounding myself with the right people, the right minds, that energize my career forward. 

The kind of people I just love to spend time with.

The kind of people that cheer me on, no matter how bad I may actually be at something. 

Do you know what else makes a difference? 

Catching up with a friend at that delicious little restaurant. 

Finding that perfect bottle of wine, and sharing a cool story about it with the owner.   

Being able to just pick up a book whenever I want.

and always being able to run into the best people I could ever know. 

Thats just A day in my life living in downtown Lafayette.   

A city that truly inspires me

and I haven’t even you told about what happens at night.    

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