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No Matter How You Say It, We’re Always 110%

We find that some people have a hard time pronouncing the name Keaty (it is Kay-Tee).

With some big help from the Keaty Kids, we are hoping to help people finally understand how to pronounce the name properly.

However, no matter how you say it, we are always striving to provide our clients with the best real estate experience of their lifetime, every time, period.

We do this by always upholding our motto “Always 110%” with all of our daily endeavors. From our business to our involvement in the Acadian community, we always go the extra mile.

We do this because we are passionately committed.

We understand that if we do all we can to help our community, to help each other to grow and become overall better then we all win.

Keaty Real Estate’s success is dependant on the success of its community.

We are not just real estate professionals, we are Lafayette community members first. We are parents, spouses, siblings, sons, daughters, and if we can help in the betterment of our beloved Acadiana, then we will put in that extra 10%.

Because that is who we are, that is what we do. All for the betterment of the eco-system that is our community.

So remember, no matter how you say it, we will always give 110%

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