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A New Era Begins: Realtor Association Of Acadiana 2023 Installation of The Board Of Directors & President-Elect

In a momentous occasion that marked the beginning of a new era, the Realtor Association of Acadiana (RAA) recently held its Installation of the Board of Directors and President-Elect for the year 2023. The event was not only a celebration of leadership but a testament to the dedication and commitment of individuals who have consistently gone above and beyond for the betterment of the association. Among the honorees, Tyler Albrecth and Charles Ditch of Keaty Real Estate stood out for their exceptional contributions, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

Exemplary Service and Commitment:

Keaty Real Estate took pride in the recognition of Tyler Albrecth and Charles Ditch, two stalwarts who have consistently demonstrated a commitment to the RAA’s mission. Their exemplary works for Realtor members have not only earned them this prestigious honor but have also set a standard for others to follow. Albrecth and Ditch embody the spirit of the RAA’s motto, “Always 110%,” showcasing a dedication that goes beyond the ordinary.

Looking Ahead:

As the RAA steps into 2024, the association is poised for a year of growth, collaboration, and continued success. Keaty Real Estate wishes all the members of the RAA the best of luck in the upcoming year. The brokerage is confident that, with such dedicated leadership at the helm, the association will reach new milestones and create a positive impact on the real estate landscape in the region.

The Installation of the Board of Directors and President-Elect for 2023 was not just a ceremony; it was a celebration of the RAA’s past achievements and a promise of a bright future. As the association moves forward with passion and purpose, the entire community can look forward to a year filled with progress, collaboration, and success.

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