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That day, they were a TEAM.

One cold day in January, hell froze over. 

106,000,000 million Americans sat in near silence and awe as the underdogs staged a daring no-holds-barred comeback. Down by 10, they fought to tie the game, which set their momentum for the second half. Late in the 4th quarter, an interception was returned for a whopping 74 yards.

Celebration erupted across the nation. Tears of happiness exploded from fans. History was made.

That day, the New Orleans Saints stunned the Indianapolis Colts with their first win in Superbowl history.

Whether you witnessed it or not, you know that game. Every local remembers where they were that day. They remember the electricity in the air as the Saints took it home for Louisiana. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

It’s the age-old tale of every major win in sports history. That day, they were a TEAM.

A TEAM is a collection of individuals who have chosen to pursue one or more shared goals. One of these goals is the improvement of each other, which will result in the rise of team performance. 

A TEAM lifts and elevates the performance of an individual to heights never before achieved. For a team to succeed, each individual must also recognize their responsibility to the team. Individuals realize that a rising tide lifts all boats. Teammates recognize that the fastest and the slowest players on any team have unique responsibilities. The team excels no faster than the fastest, limited by the performance of the slowest. The individuals put special effort into assisting each player to maximize their potential. 

You may be asking yourself how this relates to real estate. A supportive team backs the most successful agents in the industry. If we go at it alone, we spend our time struggling to figure it all out and make great strides instead of flourishing with a bank of knowledge and resources.

At Keaty, teamwork is the foundation for our success and the driving force to our passion. Our core value is providing service, not only to our clients and to the community, but also to each other. Sure, we compete individually, but preparation for competition is best accomplished in a team environment. No individual can create this environment for excellence single-handedly. It takes a team! We protect our team and are very selective as to who joins Keaty. Only the individuals who will enhance our team “make the cut.” Those NOT looking to flourish in a team environment need not apply. However, if you are looking to truly grow in an environment designed to cultivate and refine your skills while pushing you to do your absolute best in this industry, Keaty Real Estate is the brokerage for you. At Keaty, we work as a team to build incredible professionals that will carry these invaluable skills and qualities with them indefinitely. We work every single day for our team, but we are also working for Acadiana. 

Together Everyone Achieves More.

My question for you is, “Are you a good fit for our Keaty team?”

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