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The Ultimate Hunting Lodge in South Louisiana: Pecan Island’s Hidden Gem

Nestled in the heart of Pecan Island, Louisiana, just across from the Marsh, lies an unparalleled haven for sports enthusiasts: The Pecan Island Hunting Lodge:

This isn’t just any hunting lodge; it’s an institution transformed!

Historical Significance with a Modern Twist

Originally serving as the iconic Pecan Island School, this 39,000 square foot structure is no ordinary lodge. It’s a testament to resilience and renovation. Having served as an emergency storm shelter and even a bomb shelter for years, its concrete, steel, and copper piping foundation represents durability in the heart of Louisiana’s wild landscape. Now, it stands as the epitome of luxury for hunters, fishermen, and sportsmen.

Amenities that Defy Expectations

For those who cherish the outdoor lifestyle, Pecan Island offers amenities that will undoubtedly ‘blow your waders off.’ The lodge boasts 12 lavish bedrooms, many of which are suites with private bathrooms, comfortably sleeping over 60 guests. A refurbished industrial-grade cafeteria, a gymnasium with bleachers, a stage, a fitness room, and a game room promising endless entertainment. Dive into the low-maintenance Olympic-sized swimming pool or catch a game of tennis on your private court.

Want to enhance your shooting skills? Their exclusive skeet shooting range is just what you need.  And for the adrenaline junkies, there’s even a private go-kart racetrack. The indoors is a marvel, but step outside, and the adventure amplifies.  With a vast five-acre lot, the possibilities are boundless.  From an outdoor storage facility to a hunting dog kennel, Pecan Island ensures every sportsman’s need is catered for.

A Prime Location for Corporate Events

Situated just steps away from the Marsh and offering an abundance of open space, this lodge stands as a prime location for corporate events, banquets, and gatherings. The established audience, proven by events like the annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet, highlights its reputation and desirability.

An Investment with Minimal Overheads

You might think maintaining such a sprawling property would be a Herculean task, but Pecan Island defies expectations.  Built with government precision and strength, the lodge’s maintenance is surprisingly minimal. It’s not just a property; it’s a legacy waiting for its next custodian.

An Invitation to Experience

The allure of Pecan Island goes beyond its walls. With over 300 acres of premier hunting property near White Lake available for potential lease, the promise of adventure beckons.

For those seeking the pinnacle of outdoor luxury in Kaplan, Louisiana, Pecan Island’s hunting lodge is a dream waiting to be realized. Keaty Real Estate invites you to explore this unparalleled opportunity.

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