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Weathering the Storm: Real Talk with Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo

In the latest episode of “Real Talk with Jim Keaty,” we sit down with Rob Perillo, the Chief Meteorologist for KATC-TV3’s Acadiana’s NewsChannel, to discuss the fascinating world of meteorology. With over 33 years of experience forecasting Acadiana’s weather and tracking hundreds of tropical storms and hurricanes, Rob is one of the most knowledgeable and respected voices in his field.

During our conversation, Rob shares his insights into the latest weather trends, climate change, and his personal experiences in the unpredictable world of meteorology. With his extensive background in aviation, marine, and industrial meteorology, Rob offers a unique perspective on what it takes to predict the weather accurately.

As the most awarded meteorologist in Louisiana, Rob’s expertise has been recognized with more than 25 Associated Press awards, including “Best Weathercast,” “Breaking Weather,” and “Best Meteorologist” categories in Louisiana and Mississippi. He was also nominated for a 2020 Emmy Award for his coverage during Hurricane 2020 and was named “Broadcaster of the Year” in 2020 by the National Tropical Weather Conference.

In addition to his work in forecasting and reporting, Rob has appeared on numerous hurricane and weather specials on major channels such as the Learning, Discovery, National Geographic, and Weather Channels. He even video-taped and broadcasted live coverage nationally to CBS and CNN during the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003.

Throughout the podcast, Rob offers fascinating insights into his work and the latest developments in the field of meteorology. From the challenges of predicting the weather accurately to the impacts of climate change on our environment, our conversation covers a range of topics that are both engaging and informative.

Join us for this fascinating discussion with one of the most respected and knowledgeable voices in the world of meteorology.

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