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Why do 75% of new agents fail?

Why do 75% of new agents fail within their first year? 



New agents are often promised the world but are only assigned grunt work and not provided the help that they so desperately need. Usually, by the end of their first year in business and sometimes long before that, new agents are frustrated, exhausted, and BROKE!

You’re a new agent, or you will be soon. When searching for answers, it seems everyone has the same, stock response.  We decided that we wanted to help new agents by giving them the truth – not a cookie-cutter answer.  Here is raw feedback from our team on what they wish they had known their first year in real estate.


Tyler Albrecht:

Just because you get your license does not mean your family and friends will trust you to handle their real estate transactions. You need a year in the business before the majority of your sphere will trust you. In that first year, the leads you receive from our website are crucial for success!

Lacey Swortzel

This is something I was told but didn’t 100% take to hearts… Consistency is KEY! Whether it’s calling your clients regularly, continuously updating your contact list, following up with past clients, posting on Facebook, or even tracking money for taxes. Taking your time to come up with a system, in the beginning, will save you so much time and energy down the road. As long as you have all of your information in the same place, you can always revise the system later.

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